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Nonprofit Business Formation Services – 100% Guaranteed

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You will gain all the benefits of being a tax exempt nonprofit and know how to use them!

Most nonprofits fail because their leaders never realize that they are playing a game with rules – rules we know inside and out. 

Let us focus your mission, vision, and values to enchant your audience and inspire your supporters. 

Know where all the tar pits, booby traps, and pitfalls are to bend the odds in your favor.

Superior bylaws, policies, and processes forged in the frontlines of the nonprofit movement become yours!

Your Time has Come

Are you tired of spending all your money serving others and getting none of the tax-benefits?  Looking for a new edge to grow your influence or impact in the community? Are you tired of the same old nonprofits failing to make a difference year after year? Think you can do better? 


Starting a nonprofit is a complex and lengthy process that confuses and discourages too many wonderful people trying to make a positive difference in the world. Since 2009, our team has helped hundreds of everyday people turn their passions into successful, effective, and impactful tax-exempt organizations that raise millions of dollars annually. 


Begin Your Adventure

This is your opportunity to rise to an extraordinary new potential. Science shows that human beings actualize true happiness at the highest levels through generosity,  kindness, and by building community. Starting a nonprofit is the best way to show everyone you know that you are a serious leader with a serious vision for the future. 

Does nonprofit mean no profit or most profit?

Our founder Clayton Louis Ferrara gives a presentation and debunks common myths on nonprofit entrepreneurship through the Nonprofit Career Network.

Why Start a Nonprofit?

There are many reasons but the most important one is to achieve your mission of helping others. We show you how to leverage your tax exempt status, open new streams of funding, and solve problems for the public, private, and independent sectors to drive value a stack resources. 

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Let's Talk!
Book a free 20 minute consultation

Think you are ready? Let's talk! Schedule a free call ($140 value) and we can sort out the nonprofit facts from fiction. 

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Do You Have What It Takes?
Determine if a nonprofit is right for you

Not everyone should start a nonprofit. Only self-driven, ambitious, highly curious, and honest people are cut out for the job. Do you have the patience, passion, and persistence to make it possible? Only you can make that call.  

Step #3
Let's Team Up!
Make it offical

Fantastic, let's get started! Now we sign contracts to make everything official and crystal clear. You will never have to questions what comes next when working with us. 

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Premium Value Of The Highest Order.
Pay the way you want

We accept all major debit and credit cards, payment by check or cashier's check. We also accept BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) because the future is now! 

Step #5
The Sky Is No Longer Your Limit!
Prepare for adventure

With us, you get the best training in the industry, unstoppable paperwork that will blast through all the regulatory gates, and the best policies and consulting that money can by. We 100% guarantee that you will get your nonprofit status because we have never once failed to get a 501(c)(3) status for our clients.

Our Satisfied Clients

Whether you are a battle hardened CEO from the for-profit world or a dreamer finally ready to spread your wings and make your vision a reality, we can help you succeed. We have a 100% success rate achieving nonprofit status for our clients and a legacy of smiling happy faces.

Experienced Guidance


Years Of Frontline Experience

We have seen it all. Our unique services bring over two decades of 21st Century start-up nonprofit experience directly to you.

Nonprofits Launched

Our clients have never been denied tax-exempt status. We have launched over 100+ nonprofits since 2009 and have never been turned down, ever. 


Day Average Award Time

Get the shortest wait time possible to receive your 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, solicitations licenses, and consumer tax exemption certificates.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It, See What Others are Saying...

Protégé Nonprofit Solutions is amazing. Clay is a gentleman and a genius. We got our status fast and raised an additional $55,414 during the COVID Pandemic. We were astounded by how well his teachings worked!”

Stephanie J. Smith

Nonprofit Founder and Pediatrician