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We bridge research and practice to support effective nonprofits. Get the knowledge you need to make a decision.
A nonprofit organization is a business organized and operated for a purpose other than just generating a profit. These legal entities are led by a volunteer board of directors who are unpaid for their roles as elected leaders of the organization. Nonprofits declare a mission and vision for themselves and file bylaws to establish an organizational structure. As of 2022, there are currently 29 types of nonprofit organizations in the federal law of the United States according to the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c). These organizations can receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions and many contributions to them are considered tax deductible by businesses, foundations, and individuals.
Maybe. Each state is unique and has its own specific forms and rules. The conversion itself (not including the length of time it takes to obtain 501(c) status) is a lengthy process, and can take several months depending on state processing times. Also, conversions tend to have significant tax implications, so it is best to speak with your CPA for more information on if a conversion is even a benefit to you. Starting a new nonprofit is easier, faster, and more economical than doing a conversion.
Nonprofits are only for people who have a strong vision and the will to change the world. You have to be self-driven, curious, and a quick learner to build an organization. We help our clients understand the details of running a real world nonprofit, and we draw on two decades of our experience creating organizations, coaching them as startups, and counseling them into their maturity. We also help our clients to clearly define their mission, vision, and values so a business model and business plan can be discovered and implemented.
We bring over two decades of front-line nonprofit experience directly to you. We specialize in coaching, consulting, and business formation services in all 50 states of the USA. We guide our clients through every step – from incorporation, to tax exemption, and through their first year in business – all by providing clear and simple guidance and solutions.