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Nonprofits Need A Board of Directors

All nonprofits need a board of directors by law. They serve the organization as mentors, leaders, and guardians of the mission. You do not have to be rich to serve on a board of directors. You don’t even need to have any prior experience serving on a board or working on a nonprofit team. However, you must 100% have a complete dedication to transforming yourself and the world through the mission of the organization.

Nonprofits Need A Board of Directors


A board of directors are kind of like the guardian angels of the organization’s mission. They’re also a group of dedicated volunteers and are NOT paid for their service. Additionally, boards act as mentors to the staff and motivated connectors. They help drive resources of time, talent, and treasure to best serve the cause. Hospitals, colleges, soup kitchens, and also shelters are all, in part, managed by boards.

What Does A Board of Directors Do?


The best board members are honest, optimistic, trustworthy, and bold. Additionally, A diverse group of Individuals possessing different skillsets make for a well-rounded team.

  • Guardians of the mission
  • Dedicated volunteers
  • Trusted mentors
  • Motivated Connectors

Guardians of The Mission


The board of directors, as a governing body, must focus on the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals. Paid Staff members and program volunteers are also responsible for the implementation of the mission through action. They are also the organization’s heart.

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